Webdesign bureau voor ZZP en MKB
Door: Quint Engel
Op: 7 september 2015


Opdracht: ontwikkeling (design door Speax.nl)
Techniek: WordPress CMS

website tebarex

In the rapidly changing world of modern horticulture, where quality and cost control are key concepts, choosing the right supplier in the area of technology and automation is of vital importance. Tebarex is formed by a team of experienced engineers who has been working for many years in the companies Tebarint, Van der Arend Tuinbouwtechniek and Arend-Sosef.

The wide-ranging experience we have gained in all conceivable climatic conditions, including the cold in Russia and the heat in the Middle East, has taught us that only the highest level of quality is good enough! The correct design, proper choice of materials, optimal guidance and support in execution, and a well-organized after-sales service are therefore in the most capable hands with us. For the design we use the latest design tools.

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